Welcome to Jenny's Soap Shop

My handcrafted soaps are made in small batches from all vegetable oils, mainly olive, coconut, palm and sometimes aloe vera, cocoa butter, jojoba, hempseed, castor and other moisturizing oils. Essential oils and fragrance oils, goat's milk, botanicals and other natural ingredients are often added for texture, exfoliation, therapeutic and aromatic qualities. All soaps go through a curing period of 4-8 weeks before ready for use. 

 After curing, they are individually wrapped in freezer paper to protect from moisture and seal in freshness.  Then, they are wrapped again with a double layer of colored tissue paper before the label is attached.  These luxurious soaps are not only a delight to use, but make an attractive and fragrant bathroom display.

 I have many other soaps available for purchasing, so call for a complete list.

I also sell unwrapped bars at a reduced price.  Call for details.

NEW ITEMS!!  Non petroleum vegan friendly lip balm - Grape (tinted), Cinnamon, Lemongrass and Lavender.  Cocoa Butter lotions - Unscented (but smells faintly of cocoa butter), lavender, lemongrass, hello sweet thang (sweet and spicy), 4oz and 8oz bottles or jars.  FABULOUS!!  Lip balms are $2.50 and Lotions are $5.00 for 4oz and $10.00 for 8oz.  Bath Bombs (7.5 oz) - $5.00 each and Sugar Scrubs (7 oz) - $10.00 each.  Call to order and a list of available fragrances!!  (501) 206-8491 


Thanks, Jenny Sartain